To engineer a DOME application there is a difference between setting up / programming an automation object (in analogy to a function block) and the application per se. The automation object is written in the language DOME-L, based on object-oriented languages such as C++ or Java and considering only special features like the definition of the ports, the documentation for users and so on. Therefore, for the commissioning and the diagnosis of errors, basic tools can be used.

A DOME application only consists of automation objects and the connections among them.

Therefore, describing a DOME application is very easy and a configuration language called DOME-C might be used. For each process in a distributed application configuration data are created by the engineering system or might be edited manually.

The DOME manager is another important component, which is running on every hardware node. All DOME processes register and unregister at this manager. Furthermore, this DOME manager is the first point for introspection and for the establishment of the communication between processes of a distributed application.